Stephen Shackelton

Stephen Shackelton Born in Pleasanton, California Stephen grew up experiencing the natural beauty and romance of California and will be forever drawn to the coastline. After attending College at Cal Poly Stephen began a intense 9 year working apprenticeship with L. Charles Stevens in Hawaii. This relationship was a learn by doing education and a study in modern design principles and practice. The work during this period is best exemplified in the Parton Residence. This extraordinary home was in the movie “Throw Mama from the Train”. In 1981 Shackelton Design Group was established and over the next eight years numerous successful projects were designed and built mostly on the island of Kauai. Stephen earned a reputation for creating beautiful, quality, efficient buildings and interiors. Stephen was acknowledged for the unbelievable success of his structures standing up against Hawaii’s Hurricane Iwa and then again against Hurricane Iniki. In 1989 Stephen put his practice on hold to join the world famous, Frank Lloyd Wright Architects. He worked closely with several architects who were trained directly by Frank Lloyd Wright. With the masters of organic architecture, Stephen worked on land planning & development, custom homes, office buildings and resort hotels including the Biltmore Hotel renovation in Phoenix, Arizona. Stephen reopened his practice, Shackelton Design Group in 1992 in San Diego, California and is currently providing design and planning services. With over 25 years of professional experience, the success of Shackelton Design Group has grown from the search and satisfaction of providing unique solutions to each client’s individual needs and desires.

Tyler Buffett

Tyler Buffett Born in La Jolla, California, Tyler Chance Buffett has lived the majority of his life along the coast of Southern California. As a native, he has observed the unparalleled growth of suburban sprawl and the manifestation of its implications. Watching the failure of generic solutions indiscriminately applied across diverse ecosystems has inspired a life-long search for more sustainable development practices. Tyler’s macro understanding of architecture’s responsibility within a social and ecological context inspires his passion for regenerative design and sustainable development. Rooted in the concepts of ecology and sustained by the principles of regenerative theory, Tyler maintains a multidisciplinary approach to his principle interests in architecture, photography, and graphic design. Experienced and creative in residential design, building information modeling, 3D rendering, graphic design and photography. Tyler holds a Batchelor degree in Architecture from Woodbury University, San Diego. 

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