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What Services do you Provide?

We provide comprehensive and creative planning, building design, interior concepts and construction consulting for diverse project types

Where do I begin?

Reach out to us by email with your name, address, and whatever ideas you have for your project, we will continue the conversation and see what is best for you

What qualifies for an ADU(Accessory Dwelling Unit)?

Also known as Granny Flats, ADU's can be attached or detached, with slightly differing regulations. Cities are under pressure to build more, and will push small ADU's under 1200 sqft through without much hassle

What is the process for obtaining a Building Permit?

We handle everything from day one, with your design, and our knowledge of the city & local engineers who will do everything necessary to get your project permitted. This process generally takes 6-12 months, all dependent on the scope of the project.

What are the steps in the design process?

It always begins with you, the client. We will come up with ideas from our design team, pass them to you, and repeat until you are satisfied. We then work with structural & civil engineers to make your design reality. 

Do you have experience with sustainable design?

We have years of experience in sustainable design including building Greenpoint rated developments & LEEDS rated developments

How do you establish Fees?

Fees are entirely dependent on the project, and how much other work will need to get done to get your design permitted. The size is generally the major factor as well as the complexity and how many consultants necessary.

Can you work with clients long Distance?

Absolutely. We do work as far as Hawaii, with consultants and partners we know locally to get your project built.

How long does it take to obtain a Building Permit?

Generally 6-12 months. With covid, things have become even slower, however things are still moving. The cities have new systems we are all adjusting to, and we are all much more patient.

Why do I need an architect?

Give us a call, or shoot us an email. We all have differing needs for our projects, but we can help handle them all. We know other Architects, Engineers, Builders, & Professionals that will be able to make your projects come to fruition, even if it isn't us!

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