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Custom Home

Encintas, CA

Completion: 2005

Size: 2,600 SF

Emphasizing the need for sustainable living, this coastal home is remodeled around and built over a single story beach house. The local zoning ordinance required the reuse of a majority of the existing home which in turn lead to an efficient blend of old, and new green decisions. Sensitively oriented on a 50’x100’ lot the design was focused on satisfying requests from an active family of four and the detailed eye of the owner, a professional photographer.


With neighbors only 10’ away along the side yards, balancing privacy and creating indoor/outdoor living spaces define the poetic arraignment of spaces on both floors. Efficiency was achieved by placing little south facing glass and allowing natural light and fresh ocean breezes in from the north and east windows that are artfully placed. Generous roof overhangs provide shade and reduce heat. The first floor is enriched by a dramatic, curving ceiling soffit that collects and distributes wiring, ducting, lighting and piping, thus saving many man hours of drilling joists, beams and plates.

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